Box approaches with setter

Wanna learn to bounce volleyballs out of the gym? Here’s a hitting drill to get you started.

This is a good one to go ahead and get the whole team involved. Here’s what you need: 3 boxes (about 2 feet tall) and plenty of volleyballs.

Put your attackers in their respective positions. Outside. Middle. Right. One setter on the net. Split the back row with 2 passers. Go ahead and have one player initiate the drill with a mini-serve from the opposite side of the net.

The setter will take the pass and alternate sets between the 3 positions.

Attackers start their 3-step approaches when the passer takes the ball. Left-right-left. Her third step is a jump to the box where she waits for the set. The setter shoots the ball to the attacker who pounds it! (or makes a decent swing).

The key to this drill is for the attackers to practice their approach. Watch the feet!