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Here are 3 easy steps to help youth athletes overcome small failures

I see volleyball player anxiety at all levels. When you’re in college and you’re still looking at your mom or dad (or the coach) every time you make a mistake, you have a problem. Here’s some good advice for volleyball parents (and players!).

It’s the ELM Mastery Approach brought to you by Liberty Mutual – of all companies. Liberty Mutual insures this article has some good advice (see what I did there?).

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Fastest growing sport in NCAA history? You won’t believe it.

It’s MY FAVORITE SPORT, YA’LL! SAND VOLLEYBALL! I couldn’t be happier for young volleyball players.

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Check out this article on the rapid rise of sand volleyball:


There is a new kid on the NCAA playground and in just under three seasons it has qualified to be considered to hold an NCAA National Championship. Women’s beach volleyball has officially become the fastest growing NCAA emerging sport ever. In its inaugural year(2012) there were just 16 teams, last year we saw 29 participate and this spring in its third season 41 different universities will have funded women’s beach volleyball teams, and there seems to be no signs that this growth will stop anytime soon. The growth hasn’t just been seen at the college level. According to the AVCA nearly 500,000 13-25 year old females have taken up the sport since 2007. Clubs and high schools around the country have already begun to add beach volleyball programs with Arizona becoming the first high school in 2012. Sand volleyball has become an appealing sport to add to the varsity roster for a number of reasons.One factor being overhead cost: there isn’t much equipment or large rosters and some indoor athletes will cross over keeping scholarship cost down. It is also appealing to a lot of schools because it increases female sport participation- to help with title 9 restriction.
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